As the Buccaneer Range Regulators grow, we see the need to periodically make some policy changes to facilitate running matches in an orderly and timely fashion. These changes will bring us in line with SASS regulations in all areas.


1. Registration and Safety Meeting

 Registration: 8:10 - 8:50 AM

Safety meeting: 9:05

First shot down range: 9:15

2. Attire

Cowboy Hats - No Baseball Caps

Long Sleeve Shirts & Long Pants

Leather Footwear of the Time Period - No Canvas/Synthetic

3. Any Unusual Circumstances/Needs Should Be Addressed in Advance

by e-mail or call

Jefro: 910.330.7179


Remember, we always follow the Spirit of the Game and our motto is The Cowboy Way

Come play with us, have fun and compete!